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淡水会 Tansui-kai

[Members of 淡水会, photo taken on Sept 3, 1988, in Hiroshima on occasion of the 22nd Re-union]

Some of us have wondered about whatever happened to the Japanese residents of Danshui after they were sent back to Japan in 1946. After all, in the immediate post-war era, Japan was not a good place to start/re-start a new life. It turns out that they did in fact overcome much hardship and more than 300 of them have organized a 淡水会 (Danshui Society) to carry on regular meetings. And always on the agenda is a briefing on the current status of their hometown, Danshui.

The first and 2nd re-unions were held in Kyushu area, where most members were originally from. These meetings were led by 木下静涯先生 and the 小栗常寿・鮮一郎 brothers. The third re-union in Hiroshima was headed by 廣川研一先生. In 1991, Mr Hirokawa re-visited Danshui Elementary School where he had taught before the war. By April last year, the membership has dwindled to around 100 and the the most recent reunion was attended by only a few who are still capable of traveling. The remaining members now live in different prefectures:

Other locations: 12名 (9 in Taipei/Danshui)

In Danshui, they were ordinary citizens who sold groceries, wine, salt, stationery, tobacco, and noodles for a living. There were also an artist, a reporter, and a pilot. Some worked at Tansui Jinja, Bank of Taiwan, the Tansui Beach, and the Public Hall. There were also a few administrators including mayors and policemen. The most influential group was arguably the elementary school teachers who had taught a whole generation of 淡水人 Tansui-jin to be good citizens. Many pupils now in their 70s and 80s, when asked, can still recall the dedication of this special group of educators. Some even remember their Japanese friends and neighbors by name. All from more than 65 years ago.

In fact, three generations of Japanese had lived and prospered as 淡水人, and yet all are now almost forgotten as if they had never come and stayed. The memories of the Japanese era remain largely fragmented in Danshui only to survive intact in a foreign land.

We wish the current members of 淡水会 well and hope to see Tansui-kai continue and expand with new members from both Taiwan and Japan.

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  1. 前島建樹さん是我父親在日據時代,淡水公學校的老師,教育他們這一群日本語世代良好國民風範的習性,也深深影響台灣人與日本人的情感。雖然長者已日漸凋零,但是留給我們後代子孫的影響卻是深遠的。希望,有朝一日能成為淡水會的會員之一,能與前島さん的後代子孫傳承台灣與日本深厚的情誼。畢竟台灣照法理上來說,還是日本神聖不可分割的領土之一部分。希望大家還能成為同一國家的子民。

  2. 前島建樹さ ん are my father when he was a child in 1936~1946, Tamshui Elementary school teacher, educates their this crowd of Japanese generation good national style the habit, also affects the Taiwan people and Japanese's emotion deeply. Although the elder has been on the wane day after day, but leaves our descendants' influence is actually profound. Hope some day can become one of Tamshui meeting members, can inherit Taiwan and the Japanese deep friendship with前島建樹さ ん descendant descendants. After all, Taiwan according to the legal principle theory of law, Taiwan is Japan a part sacred inalienable territories.

  3. Tamshui0922/Kawa/川先生您好,


    是有由下一代繼續淡水會的意願,以保留多元文化,歷史,建設淡水地方為主旨,歡迎聯絡: hmcheng542@msn.com

  4. 目前查到:

    前島 建樹 (まえじま たてき)さん

  5. Mr Maejima returned to Kyushu before the 1946 hikiage. He used to reside on 烽火街 (now 中正路) and had taught at both 淡水小學校 and 淡水公學校.

    We are sorry that both Mr and Mrs Maejima had already passed away, survived by a son, who now practices medicine in 五島.

    1. Thanks for your help to tell me the news. My families told me, last time he visited in Tamshui in 2007. His granddaughter and her fiance with him. Next year, my father received a postcard to express his Death news. I felt so sorrowful, when I see my bookcase that I collect some presents form Maejima teacher. For example: a Nagasaki Church block print, a "Bon-odori" dance Japanese fan, a shell carving pciture...etc.
      I hope that one day I can replace my father and his classmates to visit Maejima teacher's grave.
      But I don't know how to go there. No address, no Maejima teacher's children message, and I can't speak Japanese very well. So, can you do me a fever? Sorry, I make a lot of trouble for you. Finally, I have to say that thank you so much.

  6. Mr Maejima Tadeki's old phone number no longer works. We'll try to reach his son and find out his address and phone number. Please provide an email address, so we can send you personal info. Thank you very much.

  7. My e-mail address is tamshui0922.hyl@gmail.com

    Thanks for your help!

    I live in Ying Chuan Road in Tamshui under the TamKang

    University and I work in Tamshui, too.